Friday, February 6, 2009

The Snuggie

OK so I was going to post the commercial for The Snuggie. You know, the completely ridiculous blanket with sleeves that they advertise ad nauseam. On one hand, it's completely annoying. On the other hand, I have to watch it, every time, all the way through to the end. I don't get it either. And just at the point when you think this may be an acceptable purchase as long as you never told anyone about it, they show the family at the baseball game and you find yourself back on planet Earth and hating these people for trying to sell you an ugly ass backwards robe with a shitty book light to go with it. Well, as I said, I was going to take you through the Snuggie commercial scene for scene until I found this brilliant parody on You Tube that pretty much sums it up. That is all.


  1. I want a snuggie so bad. SO BAD. You know my birthday is coming up...Just sayin...

  2. I want the snuggie too... I would love it if me & the fam would walk into stores with them on looking like cult members!!