Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Review

OK so now for my 2009 Grammy review.
1) The No Shows:

Photobucket is the new Photobucket
nuff said. Oh Ri Ri. Please say it ain't so. I can't wait for the new reality show... "Being Chris Brown"...
2) Photobucket
That brings me to Cracky Houston. Still all F*d up. Actually thinks that wig, those dentures and a leg waxing makes her hot. We will always love you. But it's over sweetie. It's over.
3) Photobucket
I heard your song, and I liked it.. But those God awful green sparkle flats you were wearing have to go. You're a lipstick lesbian, right? Suck it up, put on some heels.
4) Photobucket
Note to producers: When the younger talent is better than the living legend at his own song, it's a bit embarassing. Poor Al... Reduced to nothing more than back up to JT.
5) Photobucket
Ugh! I LOVE you. Always have. Sorry your mom died, but your outfits for the most part are hideous and last night was no exception. So for GOD sakes fire your stylist before you end up in this ditty:
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6) Photobucket
I'm just glad Stevie couldn't see this...
7) Photobucket
What the F*CK?
8) Photobucket
Hey Neil, great job last night. Here's the deal. I can sing better than you now. In fact, I believe you are now reduced to spoken word albums/performances. It's embarassing for all of us. Trim your eyebrows and head on down to Boca Rattan with these 2 butt buddies Old Friends Pictures, Images and Photos
9) Photobucket
The big winners of the night? Really? What have these 2 done in the last decade besides this? Has anyone heard that collaboration before last night? It was awful and confirmed the age of the average member of the committee.
Holy shit, Mary mother of God and the saints. No comment.

I have to go.
That is all.


  1. I didn't get to watch the show, but luckily with friends like you, I don't have to. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THAT LAST PICTURE?

    Good job friend, good job.

  2. Whitney is like a Public Service Announcement...dont do coke kids...fug!